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Stanley Boxer

New York, USA 1926-2000

Stanley Boxer was born in 1926 in New York City. After studying at the Art Students League of New York, he began his career as a figurative painter and draftsman. To date he is considered one of the greatest exponents of contemporary American abstractionism and expressionism.  


An extremely versatile artist, Boxer does not stop at the creation of works on a single type of support. In fact, he paints on paper, creates drawings, watercolours, pen and ink paintings, prints and monotypes, sculptures in wood and marble. Use your fingers to spread the color, brushes and palette knife to bring weaves and patterns to life. The titles he confers are intentionally unclear because they must represent in words the same ambiguity perceived by the brushstroke of color.

His works are labeled by various currents including Color field painting (literally "color field painting", an artistic movement in which large canvases are used on which color is spread) which Boxer categorically rejects as an attribution.

Although enveloped in a modernist aura, he does not identify with any specific artistic language. However we can say with absolute certainty that he is a skilled manipulator of space, in which texture and color blend perfectly.


His works can be found in the collections of prestigious museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the Boston Museum of Fine Art, the San Francisco Museum of Art and the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington.


Stanley Boxer



oil and mixed media on canvas

193 x 91 cm

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